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  • We create films + digital media

    for the arts & cultural sector.

    The need for organisations to produce high quality
    films and online materials is growing exponentially.

    We passionately believe in improving the exposure
    and proliferation of digital media for those who we
    work with. Read more

  • Composers: Musicians can read your scores.

    Why not your film-makers?

    We bring with us a set of skills you might not
    traditionally associate with a production company.

    They enable us to produce the most focused, richly
    in-depth films and digital resources we can for you.
    Read more

  • We will create the tools you need to develop

    your audience and widen your reach.

    We produce the bespoke digital resources that
    you need to engage with your target demographic.

    When films and digital resources fail to achieve their
    desired results it can be the due to a whole host of
    reasons. Read more

  • Storytellers: You spin the yarn.

    We'll weave it together.

    You know the beginning, and perhaps the ending.
    But sometimes it's hard to know how to connect them.

    We can help you find ways to clarify your key message and
    then tell your story engagingly. Read more

  • We will bring your programme to life

    in their hands, wherever they are.

    One in five of all YouTube views are already made
    on the move, from a smartphone or tablet device.

    Your information has to be as mobile as they are, or it
    runs the risk of being overlooked or missed altogether.
    Read more

  • Promoters: You represent your artists day & night.

    But you have to sleep at some point, surely?

    Imagine if you could represent your whole catalogue
    of artists in just the way that you wanted, 24/7.

    We've worked with enough conductors, musicians and
    composers to know the power of a well-made, musical
    portrait. Read more

An insight into DeNovo

Our Work

Having been involved with the Austrian Cultural Forum’s Soundings series of concerts we took particular interest in filming their event ‘inspired by Mahler’.

People we work with

London Contemporary Orchestra draws together London’s brightest young talent to explore and promote new music to an increasingly wide audience.

Working with You

So many films fail to achieve their desired results because of the wrong narrator, score or structure. It’s up to us to make sure that your film doesn’t fall into the same trap.